September 2021

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Dusty in CT
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September 2021

Post by Dusty in CT »

Wasn't quite sure where to post this..........Have had many many successful trips because of this message board and looking for another.

We have plans to be right outside Babb September 4-13 and then East Glacier Sept 14-18 (where I hope and pray we can complete Pit-Dawson for the second time as it was epic). We have one rental car all set as we are flying in and out of Great Falls from CT.....

We probably don't have to worry about the ticketed GTTSR since most of our time is after Labor Day unless they extend it.......

Dilemma: We love to hike, just day hikers but this year I've not been able to get an extra car in East Glacier for a few of those days we are in MG area where we would love to hike Siyeh to Piegan to MG hotel but no shuttles to get to Siyeh Bend from the hotel and even if they were running, we are after Labor Day and I would think that would be the cutoff. I haven't been able to find any more info and wonder if anyone knows anymore. Taxis, UBERs etc.

Hockey Ref is another favorite but I don't see how without 2 cars.

Probably Siyeh to SunRift more doable if we could hitchhike.

That being said we've never hitchhiked but have picked up plenty of hitchhikers in Glacier. Anyone have any thoughts about that. Yeah, we are older and not sure about the whole hitchhiking thing but we really loves these hikes and aren't sure how many more times we are going to be able to get to Glacier. We've been annually since 2003 except for 2007 when we went to Great Smoky and last year when none of us could go. We've zigged and zagged around the fires with the help of Pete in previous years.

Any guidance much appreciated.

Pete: If you read this, sorry for the loss of your brother-in-law Bobby......

Rich and Cindy
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Re: September 2021

Post by zozeppelin »

I've tried to consolidate information in the transportation thread - please share anything you find out. For your trip:
  1. GttSR ticketed entry runs through Sept 6th, so you will need a ticket, but I would suspect those will be readily available at that point
  2. Shuttle stops 'labor day weekend', so I'd assume the 6th as well. If it is running while you're there, you may be able to park at St Mary, and ask the shuttle driver to drop you at Sunrift Gourge (not a big ask) - then do Siyeh and finish at Jackson Glacier Overlook to be picked up. If not, then parking at Siyeh Bend/Sunrift and hitchhiking back (just one person to pickup car) is completely reasonable
  3. Xantera is supposedly running the hiker shuttle (Many Glacier to St Mary) such that you could do Hockeyref Hike with one car if GttSR shuttle is working form St Mary to Logan Pass
Sounds like a great trip - September is nice compromise of weather and crowds.
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Jay w
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Re: September 2021

Post by Jay w »

If I'm able to drive you rental car, I might be interested in hiking from MG to Logan during that time frame. (So you could drive to Logan and I'd bring your car back to MG.) I've never hiked MG to Siyeh Pass, so I hate to commit to that, but I have done MG to Logan with a side dish of Grinnell overlook.


If you want to contact me directly. Maybe the 7th, 8th, or 9th.

Edit: I pulled my email address since I've been contacted.
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